Chess Squares

Woop woop! Another amazing rendition of a box cake mix. The recipe I followed was called Chess Squares, but they’re also known as Gooey Butter Squares by Paula Deen. I’m going to call them Chess Squares because Gooey Butter Squares just sounds like a two-bite heart attack.

The recipe, thanks to Kevin & Amanda’s blog, talks about how they wanted to originally try making something called “Crack Pie” (I hope to try this one day!), a dessert from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. They were turned off from trying it because of the 22 ingredients and almost 2+ hour prep time! Thank goodness they shared this quick version!

I found this recipe on Pinterest. First of all I love that it is easy and starts with a boxed cake mix and second of all it has cream cheese in it! Seriously anything with cream cheese grabs my attention. I made these delicious bars and they did not disappoint. Give them a whirl, they are rich, gooey and satisfying. (They could also be a good dessert to make with kids since they aren’t too tricky.)

Recipe >> Chess Squares @ Kevin & Amanda’s Recipe

2 Responses to "Chess Squares"

  1. This is a St. Louis, MO dessert. Normally it is called Gooey Butter Cake, and this place is famous for it. Personally I don't care for it but there are stories about how it was actually a flop of a recipe that became a hit. Just some background for you :) I am sure you could find lots on it if you googled St. Louis and gooey butter cake!

  2. Paula Dean cannot take credit for this recipe.


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