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Éclair Cake

I have made this for years and yep it is ALWAYS a hit…I mix the coolwhip/whipped cream right into the pudding mix…always have
My favorite topping is 1/2 milk chocolate chips and 1/2 butterscotch chips drizzled over each individual piece makes a great presentation but then there was always the problem of some having too much crust and some having not quite enough….those inside piece most often requested….so a few years ago I made the crust and baked individual crusts in a silicone muffin pan…depending on how much I can get 12-16 crusts…I take a basting brush swoop from the middle out and they turn out to be perfect little nests for the cream filling. (and they freeze!) I put the filling in a large zip lock, clip a corner and filling is complete in a jiffy…drizzeled with the chocolate topping or as i just did for the July 4th gathering
topped with berries….a platter full wows em everytime and you should have seen the competition for the remaining cream in the zip lock bag

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