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Knock You N***d Brownies

I’ve made these brownies for years (minus the nuts) and always in a 9×13 pan rather than square. The brownie layers are thinner in the larger size pan, but then these brownies are super sweet and delicious so a little bit goes a long way! For the top layer I take small balls of dough and flatten them between my hands, then lay them on top of the caramel/choc chip layer and continue until the top is covered. It doesn’t matter if there are ‘holes’ between the dough, it will bake together.

The recipe I have calls for 1 c. of choc chips–but that’s for the larger size pan :)
This is one of my kids favorites! I’ve never dusted them with powdered sugar–but think I will try that too.

Recipe >> Knock You N***d Brownies @

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