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Apple Dilly Cake

This recipe came from 1963, and I had some questions about what could be different in the past 45 years.  First of all the recipe calls for flour.  Is my all purpose flour the same as the flour on the recipe card?  That sent me googling - for the first time.  I couldn't exactly find when all purpose flour began being sold. Maybe I was just over reacting and all purpose flour is as old as time.  Maybe the cave men used all purpose flour.  The only thing that I found on google was that there are two types of flour 'bread flour' and 'all purpose flour'. Bread flour is for, as the name suggests, for making breads. It contains a lot of glutten that will make the dough more chewy.  All purpose flour contains more wheat flour. The wheat flour is low in glutten. This makes the dough more light and fluffy.  Alright, good to know. So, I dumped in my 'all purpose flour'.

The second problem I came into is the ingredients for the frosting. It says to make a boiled frosting with egg and apples.  What? Where's the boiling? How the heck do I cook this? What does it mean boiled frosting with egg and apple? I googled- for the second time.  I had no idea how to make real frosting besides cream cheese frosting.  I couldn't find a good boiled frosting recipe that where I had all of the ingredients (some required corn syrup.) I decided to just get the can of vanilla frosting from my cabinet out and add apples to it. LOL. This whole baking thing will require BABY STEPS. 

I thought about the whole frosting thing out. Is it possible that women of the 60's just baked so much that they could make a boiled frosting with just the mention of apples and eggs? Probably. I really wish that I knew how to bake like that. 

Here is the recipe! I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. There's a recipe for boiled icing in The Joy of Cooking. My husband did it recently. He said it was tricky. He tried to use it on a 3-layer cake, and it did not work. It slid off the cake. It also got hard the next day and tasted kind-of gritty. Anyway, it might be worth a try on this cake. :)