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Glazed Pineapple Kielbasa Bites

Okay, now that I had sauces that were safe for my son with Asian food allergies, I was FINALLY ready to try this tasty-looking recipe I found from Jam Hands. It looked like the perfect holiday appetizer, and I have been anxious to try it.

This recipe was pretty yummy and a lot of fun to put together. The kielbasa is pre-cooked, so it was just a matter of slicing it, putting the pineapple on top and the toothpick in, then spreading the sauce. Plan a little bit of time to get the sauce all over each of the little bites, but the recipe itself is very straight-forward.

The flavor was good, but different than I was expecting. I think I kind of had “glazed holiday ham” in mind, and it was very different. I love glazed ham, and I actually loved the idea of these too – the kielbasa has a nice amount of spice in it to give it some personality, but not be overwhelming. As far as the glaze goes, when we were trying them, my mother-in-law mentioned that she wished it had a little more of the spice to them. I dipped one of them into the sweet chili sauce and it was phenominal. It just seems to need a little extra kick, and the sweet chili sauce did the trick.

Rating: 4 Stars !! .. I would make these again with some slight changes.

What I Would Change Next Time: I think next time I would make sure that the pineapple was completely drained before putting the bites together – the extra juice from the pineapple seemed to kind of “wash away” the rest of the flavor. Like it was literally running off the bites and pooling at the bottom. I would also add another tablespoon of the sweet chili sauce to give it some more kick. Go bigger or go home, baby!

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