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Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Hello my Christmas recipe loving foodies! Tonight, we are making another recipe near and dear to my heart. Each year, while I lived with my best friend, my sister-in-law, we always psyched ourselves up for the Christmas season. We knew that when the time rolled around, we would be making peanut butter balls. It was a tradition. The first time we made them, the chocolate was perfectly melted. It was magical! The second time, the chocolate was very difficult. There were other times we made them, but those two times are the times that stick out to me. We made a great team, and I hope you and your family can find the same enjoyment and feelings of doing something as a family as we did! Now that I don't live with my big sister, I wanted to do something to remember the great holiday times. This will be my first holiday without her. This recipe is for you, Jei Jei!

Just a note…I was having a bit of a sticky issue when making the balls, but if anyone else has a problem you can just solve it by using some powdered sugar on your hands…like dipping your cookie cutters in flour…same effect.

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