Doritos Taco Salad

YUM! This is the BEST Dorito salad that I've had, and I think the secret is in the dressing!. Our recipe calls for Taco Flavored Doritos and Taco FLAVORED grated cheese (must say flavored, it is different from Taco Cheese) and bottled Creamy Italian salad dressing (the creamy whitish kind) Kroger Brand is what we use. We also use an envelope of taco seasoning and make make the taco meat according to package directions. Hint- Do not add hot meat to the salad, let it cool first. Mix the taco chips and dressing write before serving or it gets soggy. I omit the jalapeno peppers. Not everyone likes it hot. Every party we go to, we are asked to make this. I know some people use Western or Catalina Dressing, but that is too sweet. The tart Creamy Italian is the key ingredient to this salad.

Get the recipe here >> Doritos Taco Salad @

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