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Banana Cheesecake Rollups

It definitely tastes like dessert.  Warm, crispy and sweet – but you can serve this for breakfast!  It is perfect for those on the go mornings.  Just wrap in foil to keep warm and send it with your kids! You can also put some cute and fun toothpicks! Because bananas have healthy carbs, it is a great food to feed your kids for breakfast before school mornings so they will have plenty of energy at school. Kids brains need glucose to help them focus and learn at school, and we love that bananas help provide that for them!

We love making this recipe with our kids, because it is a perfect way to get them into the kitchen with a recipe that is simple and doesn’t have very many steps. And for your older kids, this is a good one for them to practice ‘griddle skills’.  Sometimes it is hard for kids to flip pancakes, or eggs in a griddle. Since these stay together nicely, it is a good food to practice your flipping skills.

Get the recipe here >> Banana Cheesecake Rollups @

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