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Thick & Chewy Better Than The Boxed Brownies

This is my favorite brownie recipe on the site. (I’ve made all of the top rated ones several times). It makes some wonderful, chewy brownies with a very powerful chocolaty flavor that I find most recipes lack. It doesn’t always turn out though. 

The brownie will be very thin no matter what size pan you’re using. Try putting wax paper on the bottom so that the brownie can be lifted out to cool and be cut. In order to avoid a crumbly mixture, stir the coca and sugar together, then add the melted butter and eggs and vanilla, and then the flour and salt. Make sure that you melt the butter. If the mixture still seems too crumbly, it’s possible that your eggs were too small, (I use extra large size eggs) consider adding another egg. The mixture will be very thick. 

I still have problems with the brownie not settling all the way and the middle square has to be discarded. But I still prefer this recipe underdone to overdone. When they come out of the oven at the prescribed time, do not test the center for doneness, or try to cut them immediately. They will not seem done, but they will settle. (I like to put them in the fridge to settle.) If you cook them to long they will be very dry.

Get the recipe here >> Thick & Chewy Better Than The Boxed Brownies @


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