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Lemon Sugar Baked Donuts

Definitely a keeper. My boys loved it. It was so easy to make. I made one batch that didn't last the afternoon with my boys. I did it exactly as directed. My oldest loved it and the little one really liked it. After first batch was gone, they begged me to make a second batch the same day. I did. What can I say...they are that easy to make. 

The second batch, however, I played around with. I added applesauce in place of some of the butter. I doubled the recipe, so I used one of those individual sized applesauce with 2 tablespoons of butter instead, and I left the nutmeg amount the same at about a 1/4 teaspoon or less. The nutmeg flavor was really strong in the first batch for my liking. 

So with the changes made, and the house smelling wonderfully good after baking the second batch, I let my biggest food critics try them out. Guess what they loved these even more, although they seemed more cake like and not so flaky. One tray went the same night and the next tray was gone within 2 days. A keeper for sure.

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