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Mesmerizing Cakes With a Mirrored Glaze Resemble Pieces of Polished Marble

Russian confectioner Olga Noskova creates cakes that look different from most of the sweet treats we're used to eating. While many delectable desserts are adorned with fluffy frosting, Noskova produces vibrant cakes that look like they’re made of porcelain or polished marble—basically, they look too pristine and shiny to be an actual edible. To create this illusion, she uses a special glaze that makes the confectionery surface appear flawlessly smooth and glossy—you can even see your reflection!

Noskova posts her creations on her popular Instagram account, mesmerizing followers with swirling color combinations and decorative sugar shards. Many people want to know how she crafts this special food art, and Redditor SuperDrew124 recently offered some insight by posting directions on how to make a similar “Mirror Glaze.” But if baking isn’t your thing, admire some of our favorite cakes by Noskova, below.

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