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No Bake Triple Layer Pumpkin Pie

I have simplified this for me (and hopefully you!) I use half and half for the 1T and 1 Cup (instead of milk) AND, here's the kicker ...instead of having the three spices (cinnamon, ginger and cloves on hand) and the solid pumpkin...I use instead PUMPKIN PIE MIX and am done faster to boot! I was out of the size of pudding this recipe calls for and only had the larger vanilla pudding size (I think it's the six cup version...I used the whole version of that, and it turned out fabulous!!! 

This pie is so rich and creamy. YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!} I had this recipe before (from another source) and it got lost, so glad it was here to be found! This recipe is so user friendly...a no-bake pie..what could be easier! The flavors are so rich and distinct. Cheesecake meets pumpkin and they hit it off wonderfully. IF you like the layers to be very defined, I recommend putting the cream cheese layered part in the refridge right away and while you mix the pumpkin/top layer. This pie has even won over some in our family that weren't pumpkin pie fans to begin with! Yep, it's that yummy!


Overall a great recipe. I've found the following tweaks help it to set-up more firmly, more quickly. This solved any runniness for me. 1. To the cream cheese/whipped topping add 1 TBS chilled evaporated milk. 2. With the pudding/pumpkin, use 1 cup CHILLED evaporated milk in place of plain milk. 3. After pouring the cream cheese/whipped topping mixture into the crust, put in freezer while you make the pumpkin topping. 4. Thaw the whipped topping before using by putting in refrig overnight. This helps keep it firm without it being runny as can happen when thawing in a microwave.

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