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Strawberry Crumb Bars

Cheap and easy to make. Kids love them. Any berry can be used.

I've made 4 pans of these in just one week. First pan for home trial using just white sugar.....VERY GOOD. Really yummy! I used butter instead of shortening, and used frozen berries. I cut the recipe in half too, and used part whole-wheat pastry flour. I did the "dough" in my food processor, and it never really came together, it was just a powdery mixture. I thought it wouldn't work, but went ahead with it anyways and it all came together during baking. These turned out really well. 

For those of you that said the dough part didn't have any real flavor, it's probably due to the shortening. Shortening has no real flavor (plus it's yucky and bad for you). Try butter, it's so much better!


FYI, I used frozen berries for this, without defrosting first, and it baked up perfectly in the same amount of time. ETA that I have only ever used butter with this recipe- I do not cook with shortening. I also use at least half whole wheat flour. Healthier and tastier!


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