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Super Easy Twix Pound Cake

What's better than a Twix bar? Not much. With a buttery base, caramel filling and chocolate coating, the gold-wrapped candy is one of life's simplest and best pleasures. This cake, though, is so much better. One look, and you'll want it bad. Suddenly the one that always tempts you in the vending machine looks so tiny.

Despite its insane and fancy appearance, anyone can make this cake. If you love to bake, by all means, go ahead and whip together a pound cake. If you're afraid of measuring cups, or just don't want to turn on the oven, buy a store-bought one. The frozen little Sandra Lee loaves work great here. They're perfectly smooth, almost disturbingly so, and make the finished slices look professionally done.


For the very important caramel layer, the soft, individually wrapped candies are key. Caramel sauce from scratch is delicious, but fussy. It's also hard to get the right consistency. When you're trying for a sauce, it hardens like crazy and when you're set on candies, it never sets up. That is life. Make it easier on yourself by melting down caramel candies. When it cools on the pound cake, you end up with chewy, candy bar-like caramel.

The chocolate coating is equally easy. Just melt down some chocolate chips and call it a day. Keeping things simple means you get your slice of Twix cake faster. Win, win.

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