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Strawberry Yogurt Bark

I've made chocolate bark before with the kids, but totally realize, that, yes, chocolate is a dessert, not a snack :) Here's a healthy take on making "bark" but with yogurt instead. It takes two ingredients to make, and your kids will get a refreshing twist on eating yogurt that they will love!

Strawberry Yogurt Bark




- Yogurt (we used honey Greek Yogurt)

- *Dried strawberries

* We used freeze dried strawberries, available in many supermarkets. You can use fresh fruit, or even nuts, or any mix-in's of your choice. I chose to use dried to keep the moisture/mushy feel and frozen texture down since the bark is frozen.


Step 1. Line a flat pan with sides with parchment paper and spread evenly with yogurt, make sure it's not too thin so that it breaks easily. I would say about 3/8 of an inch thick is good.

Step 2. Sprinkle with your mix-in (fruit, nuts, etc)

Step 3. Freeze for a few hours until completely frozen. Ours took about 4 hours for an 8" square pan, but of course it will depend on the size of your pan. Remove from frozen yogurt from the pan and peel off the parchment paper. Break into pieces.

The kids loved this yummy frozen yogurt treat! They thought they were getting "dessert" and it's the perfect, lightly-sweetened healthy treat to munch on, especially on a warm day. We kept the bark pieces covered in the frozen and popped a few pieces out for snack. The yogurt melts fast so these are best eaten right away!

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