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Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

I saw these amazing truffles and knew I had to try them for myself. They are WONDERFUL and I have gotten many compliments. I found out that you could also use a hand mixer for this recipe and other helpful tips:

Before attempting to shape the truffles, put them in the fridge for an out or two (or about half the time in the freezer) so that they won’t stick to your hands. If you don’t even have time to chill them, get a small bowl of water and put a little on your hands before shaping the truffles so that the cookie dough doesn’t stick to your hands, but not too much water that would cause your truffles to be wet or soggy.

Remember not to make your truffles monster-sized, or they might be too sweet. I ended up making 47 truffles, so maybe I accidentally doubled the recipe because it said it made 20-24 truffles, or I just made them on the smaller size.

If you don’t like white chocolate, these are still perfectly yummy in dark chocolate!

You can put different drops of food dye in white chocolate instead of having to buy several colors.

Be prepared to get messy! Unless you are experienced with truffle making, you might just get melting chocolate splattered onto your baking surface.

Good looking truffles take a good amount of time and patience, so you get the best results when you are not rushing.

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