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Softbatch Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have to start off by saying I’m not much of a baker and manage to make even premixed cakes, cookies, etc. taste awful. However, even in my hands these tasted amazing! Prep time for me was more around 1 hour, just because again, I’m a very novice baker, but these cookies were well worth it. I followed the recipe exactly, except for adding about a tsp of salt instead of 1/2 tsp and I froze the dough before putting it in the oven. This may have contributed to my cook time being around 12-13 minutes in a convection oven. It’s so surprising that a little bit of cream cheese makes such a difference :-)  I will for sure be making these again

Also, for reference, these made about 36 cookies for me, using a 2 3/4 inch cookie dough scooper.

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