Peanut Butter Pie with Pretzel Crust

This is the one! My coffee crew devoured this in less than 30 minutes! Extremely quick to make. It was the best. I choose to use an Oreo crust as I'm a chocoholic. I doubled the amount of peanut butter. It was plenty rich without using extra sugar. Everything else was the same amounts. I did add 1/3 of a 12 ounce jar of Smuckers HOT FUDGE sauce to the bottom of the crust.

Do not use chocolate syrup. It is too thin! I also drizzle some on top. You have to melt it to drizzle as it is very thick. This is the 2nd recipe I tried in the last 3 days. Everyone asked for the recipe - even the guys! Kudos for recipe!

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