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Chocolate PB “Ice Cream”

I used the ingredients for this recipe but I used the method described in French Chocolate Ice Cream to put it together. That recipe has similar ingredients but cooks the eggs until the mixture is thick, whereas this recipe just adds the warm chocolate and milk mixture to the eggs without further cooking. The ice cream turned out great. It had a nicely balanced chocolate and peanut butter flavor.

Very easy and very but not overwhelmingly so. It was decadent enough for me but still family-friendly enough for the kids; I hardened the leftovers in the freezer for cones. The peanut butter blends into the ice cream well; next time, for a switch, I might blend the peanut butter in near the end to make it chunkier. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon!

Get the recipe here >> Chocolate PB “Ice Cream” @

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