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The Best Sugar Cookies Ever!

I wish I could give these cookies a 10! I absolutely love these and made over 12 dozen over the holidays. I had to make so many because they all disappeared faster than I could bake them. I would strictly follow the 8-minute baking rule with these as long as they're about the size of a tablespoon. These are addictive! The best recipe of its type on this site. I used an extra egg, as suggested by an earlier reviewer, and I used a scoop to ensure uniform size. Dropped the scoops into a small bowl of sugar, and rolled them around. Although the dough was soft, with the sugar adhering to it, you could easily pick up the balls and put on the baking sheet. A hint for quick (as in NO) baking clean-up: line your cookie sheets with foil, shiny side DOWN. No grease. Just place dough on the foil. Allow to cool about 10-15 minutes, or until close to room temperature, then use a spatula to transfer to a rack. They release easily. Ten minutes yield a barely colored cookie that is chewy and delicate. An additional 2 minutes makes for a golden color and a little more crunch. They look like the cookies you bake from the Pillsbury slice-and-bake rolls that you find in the dairy case at the grocery store, but with a far superior flavor. Nothing better than a cup of tea and a few of these! I just made a batch this afternoon, and only 8 are left. Everyone in this family absolutely loves them

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