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Apple Pie Egg Rolls

This recipe was a bit....flat, but with some work could be outstanding. I did make some changes to the original recipe...I couldn't find any peach pie filling, so I used canned peaches, added all the spices and about 2 tsp of sugar. However, when eating, my husband and I found that the mild sourness of the cream cheese was very noticeable in contrast to the sweetness of the peaches, so I would recommend jazzing up the cream cheese with some lemon zest, honey and vanilla. Additionally, I would recommend using won ton wrappers (as opposed to egg roll wrappers) as they are smaller (the egg roll wrappers are huge). 

One point that should be noted...when moistening the edges of the wrapper, you should also moisten around the filling and press down around the filling when sealing - this prevents the wrapper from puffing way out when frying. Lastly, instead of using the raspberry jam, I made a raspberry coulis with fresh berries, grand marnier, and sugar - it was fabulous. All in all, I would *probably* make this again, but I would make these few changes.

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