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Dill Pickle Dip

Wow, sooo much easier than making the wraps! Used dill pickle relish as suggested by others and also added some sour cream to make this a little creamier. We will definetly be making this one again! Update 5/31/12, I make this dip often and it was once requested that I bring some spicy pickle dip. I chopped up some jalapeno's and added with everything else (maybe 2 tbsp of sliced jalapenos chopped)...amazing, but the longer it sits the hotter it gets!


My family liked these even better than pickle wraps. The dill pickle flavor really comes through and by using the dill pickle relish is adds just enough pickle juice to keep the cream cheese spreadable. It was gone in no time, everyone wanted the recipe and I was told, I didn't have to mess with pickles again, if I promised to bring this dip in place of them. Loved the recipe, super easy, and I would recommend using dill pickle relish rather than dicing up pickles, unless you have pickles and no relish, then go with the dicing, as I think it would be just as great either way.


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