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So, so good for a hot summer afternoon or picnic. I can't agree more with 'kate'- DEFINITELY DO NOT BAKE THIS PIE. I've baked DOZENS of pies in the last 7 years, and I've never come across a banana cream pie that was baked. 

Might be a typo in the recipe. I must add, a baked-from-scratch pie crust is unparelleled in flavor and texture, so those who are intimidated: PLEASE DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND TRY IT! YOU WILL SHUN STORE-BOUGHT BRANDS =) Some of us have claimed the filling was runny; I highly suspect that the custard was not cooked to its full thickness. 

Remember: the custard should be at a constant SIMMER; meaning, small bubbles should be forming around the edges for about 3-5 minutes. If the custard is at a constant simmer, keep stirring and dip a spoon into it. Lift it out. With your finger, mark a line down the back of the spoon. The line should stay distinct and not meld together so easily. That means its ready. BTW, I once made this pie without the bananas. All I did was stir in 2 TBS. banana liquer into the custard along with the butter and vanilla. 

I suppose if I added the bananas, it would that much better. To really wow your guests, consider whipping your own sweetened cream instead of the whipped topping. Oh yes, and do not substitute skim milk- it will also negatively affect the consistency of the custard.

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