Homemade Frosted Coffee

This is a 'cheaters' iced cappuccino! Very easy to make, and very good!

Coffee is one of those things that varies drastically by the individual. That said, you need to tailor this recipe to suit your tastes. I like mine on the extra cream, extra-extra sugar side.

I didn't have a spare jar to shake with, so I heated a 1/4 C water in a measuring cup for 30s in the microwave, then stirred in the instant coffee (a little shy of 2 tsp because I found this a tad potent), 3/4 tsp stevia powder, and 1/4 tsp cocoa powder.

I poured it over ice in a glass and added the milk and a splash of heavy cream. Excellent! I made quite a few of these yesterday!

Get the recipe here >> Homemade Frosted Coffee @ anightowlblog.com


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