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No Churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Cookie Monster desserts have always been popular on Pinterest. You've probably seen those "Pinterest Fail" cupcakes with Cookie Monster chowing down on a real cookie. But now, thanks to Coachella, a new Sesame Street dessert is taking social media by storm. Are you ready for Cookie Monster ice cream?


One of the most talked about food trucks at Coachella this year was Afters Ice Cream. While all their flavors sound incredible, the electric blue Cookie Monster flavor was by far the most popular on social media. You can order this trendy scoop on a cone, or go wild and order it between a milky bun.

Want to try this trend for yourself? created their own version of this social media phenomenon so you can make it at home.

This recipe uses some blue food coloring, but it didn't come out as bright as the treats from Afters Ice Cream. It's also no-churn, which is a bonus for people who don't have the money or space for an ice cream maker.

Get the recipe here >> No Churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream @



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