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Nutella No Bake Cookies

"Easy no-bake cookies with cinnamon and Nutella® flavors for an elegant-tasting cookie!"

The girls who will be eating these will LOVE these! The cookies are easy to make and taste yummy. I followed some ideas given by Marie C. on the Buzz and used the recipe as a liner for bird nests for Easter. I used a small cookie scoop with the dough leveled off and then free-formed a nest with them. 

After they cooled, I used a recipe for the nests found here on AR and put some of that in a muffin tin, placing the nest inside that. Using a knife I pushed up the chow mein noodles to hold around the nest. They came out from the muffin tin easily after refrigeration with a nudge from a table knife. These will be place cards for Easter dinner. Thanks, sueb for the yummy recipe!

Get the recipe here >> Nutella No Bake Cookies @


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