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S'Mores Cheesecake

Bring a little of the campfire indoors any time of the year with this stunning dessert. The creamy chocolate cheesecake, graham crust and toasted marshmallows all team up to make a truly delectable dessert

Great recipe! Delicious and so beautiful.

I made this for a BBQ & had trouble right away with the graham crust, too much crackers for the amount of butter, added another Tablespoon & continued. After the overnight chill when I took the rim off of the springform pan most of the crumbs crumbled around the bottom of the plate, not a good look ! The cheesecake part was wonderful but the chocolate layer was just to thick. I'm going to make this again but drop the crumbs down to 1 1/2 cups, leave the butter at 6 T & reduce the chocolate by half. Hope this help's anyone making this for the first time."

This is a breeze to make. Do not use the water bath. All that did was make my crust soggy. The cake cracked anyway. You are topping with so much stuff no one will ever notice. Also I chilled and then added the hot fudge and marshmallows and toasted right before serving. This made the top have a nice crisp to it.

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