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Strawberry Shortcake Cake Roll

Delicious! After reading other reviews I added a little lemon zest to the jelly roll batter as I wanted the cake part flavored. I used a butter parchment paper for easier clean up. The ingredients and directions were easy to follow. However, I must warn everyone to watch your oven when baking up the cake. My cake was done in 8 minutes and on the verge of turning dark brown on the edges. Be sure to check your roll early on. 

I layed out my cake onto a parchment paper sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. I rolled the cake up and let it cool. I chopped up fresh strawberries before measuring and added it to the whip cream. I did not have any unflavored gelatin so I used strawberry flavored which turned out to be a better choice as it made the whipped cream a pretty pink color. I carefully rolled the cake back up and chilled it for a few hours. This is light, refreshing and very good. The cake is light colored, tender and fluffy. It is delicately flavored with lemon and blends with the powdered sugar. The roll is very pretty with the pink whipped cream and red juicy strawberries swirled inside. It is light, cool, creamy and very refreshing. 

I like the bits of juicy sweet strawberries. I found the whipped cream very tasty and not too sweet. The strawberry gelatin added more flavor. I think the challenging part to this recipe is baking up the cake and then rolling it without it cracking. We all enjoyed this!

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