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The Best German Chocolate Brownies

German chocolate brownies. Just like German chocolate cake but richer. One of these little babies is enough. Well, maybe two.
It smells like your first step into a fudge shop. The frosting is sweet and creamy with a hint of crunch. Your teeth glide effortlessly through the dark chocolate. It's a fudgy brownie-lover's brownie if ever there was one. And the secret ingredient - sea salt - peeks out unexpectedly every few chews, taking it to a whole new level.

The brownie was a cinch to throw together. I used sea salt because I was completely out of regular salt (I know!) and it turned out to be one of the most memorable aspects of the brownie for me.
The frosting, on the other hand, took me far too long because I had the heat too low on the stove. After an hour of stirring (and cleaning and doing other odds and ends around the kitchen) I realized my frosting should have thickened long ago. Once I turned the heat up a tiny bit, it thickened right up. Keep this in mind if you're standing there more than 30 minutes with no thickening.


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