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7 fun ways to ice a cake

    7 fun ways to ice a cake

    Piped, painted, smeared or slathered—your cake will be gorgeous with these great ideas.

   Four types of texture
    Stripe tease

    Drag the back of a spoon across the icing. Wipe off excess icing after each row.

    Ripple effect

    Dip the tines of a fork into the icing to form small waves.

    The basket weave

    Drag the tines of a fork through icing in an alternating pattern. Wipe fork after each mark.

    The swoop

    Create dramatic swirls with the back of a spoon.

Petal power

    These petals are easy to make. A spoon and some icing is all you need to take your cake to the next level.

    Get the instructions: Petal cake



Watercolour cake

    You are the Picasso of pastries! Grab a paintbrush and start decorating.

    Get the instructions: Watercolour cake


Simplified ombré cake

    What's prettier than a sunset? An ombré cake with two colours that meet in the middle. Well it may not actually outshine a sunset but it sure is tastier!

    Get the instructions: Simplified ombré cake



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