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Mini Blueberry Pies

Looking for a fast dessert that showcases a summer fruit? This blueberry pie can be ready for the table in less than an hour.

These little pies are a huge hit at several Seattle bakeries, so I was inspired to make my own. Use a non-stick mini muffin pan to ensure the pies easily lift out of the cups after baking. Make your own crust, or use prepared refrigerated pie crust. Use fluted or straight-edged cookie cutters to cut out the pops. Vary the filling based your favorite pies.


The directions are simple to follow. Do pay attention to not overfilling them. Some of them can start pouring out like a blueberry volcano! I added 1 cup fresh blackberries to the filling and used 1/3 cup sugar. I also made a glaze of powdered sugar and milk and drizzled over them as soon as they came out of the oven and then topped with sprinkles. They looked like spring treats.. Cute and tasty wins the day.. I will be making these again..


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