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Pumpkin Lasagna

My 3rd time making it, I keep tweaking it, because I didn't care for the spongy bottom-no flavor crust. 

Also, the middle needs some more flavor. So far, I have changed the bottom crust by adding 1/3 cup of brown sugar and half tsp vanilla, and only use the white of the egg. It was too wet using the WHOLE egg. This made a sugar cookie-like spreadable dough that you can easily spread with your fingers without being a sticky mess. 

Second..I added a bit more spice to the pumpkin center and some cinnamon and a little extra brown sugar, a touch of vanilla and a dash of salt. Third, the TOP crust...USE brown sugar instead....white...its much better, and be sure your butter is CHILLED. 

If it doesn't come out crumbly enough..just add a little more brown sugar and flour. Give it a try...maybe someone else can come with some ideas too, its a great base recipe!!

Get the recipe here >> Pumpkin Lasagna @


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