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Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie

This pie was very good. I've baked this pie several times before using the recipe as written. I read several of the reviews and made the following changes with great results: reduce butter to 1/2 cup, add 2 tsp vanilla extract and 2 tsp instant espresso granules. Blend the eggs and sugar thoroughly before gradually adding the melted butter.. 

When I was rummaging through my freezer looking for a bag of walnuts that was hiding in there, I found a bag of Heath toffee chips, so I threw in about a half a cup of those too.. My kitchen timer can be playful, and sometime during the timing process, it started counting backwards. That sly little dickens has done this before. I didn't notice it until I smelled the pie getting what I thought was a little too done. I whisked it out of the oven immediately. It was still very good, but I would have liked it a little more gooey. 

The filling is really thick. Bake as directed. Excellent results! Tastes like a thick, chewy chocolaty chocolate chip cookie. My husband kept asking "When can I eat this pie?", so I let him go at it while it was still hot. We both liked it very much. It was not the recipe's fault that the pie was a tad overdone. Will definitely make this again and keep an eye on my capricious timer.


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