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Apple Toffee Crunch Cake

I have been making a similar recipe for years called Angel Food Delight. I only make it about 4 hours in advance but it is also just as good made at the last minute. 

I use store bought angel food cake, chocolate fudge sauce, 8 oz. thawed whipped topping, [mix the sauce and whipped topping together in a bowl] and any crunchy candy Plus peanut M&Ms. I put the candy into a baggie and smash it into bits with a jar [spagetti sauce or whatever]. 

In a seperate baggie I add any nuts I have around, usually almonds, and smash those up or use my nut chopper. I split the cake horizontally in 3 layers, frost with topping mix & candy between layers, frost the sides, inside, & top, crumble candy over all. Last crumble chopped nuts over all. I have never failed with this dessert, it's always a Big Hit.

Get the recipe here >> Apple Toffee Crunch Cake  @


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