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SNICKERS® Mini Cheesecakes

I just made these! I made a few adjustments based our above recommendations, and the cheesecakes turned great, and tasted WONDERFUL! First: I lined my muffin pan with aluminum cupcake liners. I would recommend aluminum over paper because they are easier to get out of the pan after baking! Second, I used 1 and 3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs instead of 2.5 cups and used a whole stick of butter (which is 8tbsp I believe) instead of 5. As noted in above comments, you will have more than enough supplies for 12, my batch made 18 (the more the merrier!). Also be aware that as they bake (for 24 mins) the will rise above the top of the liner, but they will sink back down towards the end of baking and more during cooling. If caramel gets baked to the pan, just take a knife along the edges right after removal from the oven!

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