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Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Crescent Ring

Okay. Ya gotta admit. Doesn't that just look dreamy?

I just happened to have a package of crescent rolls and cream cheese in the fridge when I ran across this recipe in and it sounded so good that it haunted me until I made it!

I am obsessed with finding different things to do with crescent rolls anyway, and cream cheese and apples go together so well that this sounded delicious. Well, it didn't disappoint I have to tell ya! 

This dessert is just a fantastic combination of flavors - the creaminess of the melted cream cheese all nestled into the apples that are sandwiched in between two layers of tender dough, and then the cinnamon sugar sort of caramelizes and creates this kind of crunchy top. Gosh this was good, and so easy too. Give this one a try for sure! Goes great with a hot cup of coffee.

Get the recipe here >> Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Crescent Ring @


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