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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone Recipe

I get really excited when you’re able to eat your eating utensil. Taco bowls, edible cups, and of course, the ice cream cone are all really delicious prospects in my eyes. But what I am about to show you is not your everyday ice cream cone. This, my friends, is the ice cream cone to end all ice cream cones, because it is made out of a COOKIE.

Yes, it’s like an ice cream sandwich, but better. And you too can make this happen. The lovely folks over at the Ashlee Marie  ( Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone recipe and tutorial , have made it real simple for us. All you need is a few simple ingredients and baking tools.

For as simple as a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone sounds, it actually took me a LONG time to get it just right. On my first try I put a pile of cookie dough in my waffle cone maker, pressed down the lid and expected to be able to roll it into a cone after it cooked. It didn’t quite work out that way however and when I opened the lid half of the cookie dough was stuck to the top grilling plate and the other half was stuck to the bottom.


For my second attempt I took a metal cone, wrapped cookie dough around it and stood it up on a baking sheet in my oven. After about five minutes the dough was running down the cone into a pile on the cookie sheet. On the plus side though, when you’re trying to make a cookie cone and it doesn’t turn out the way you want it you’re left with a bunch of cookie dough to eat, which isn’t a bad problem to have at all!

Get the recipe and tutorial here >> Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone recipe and tutorial @


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