French Strawberry Cake



The French Strawberry Cake is really quite delicious.  I was worried about the genoise being dry but since there are two layers of strawberries and whipped cream it turns out perfect.  If you were to use a moist American cake it probably would end up mushy and overly sweet.  I made the recipe twice.  The second time I did not have cake flour and used all purpose flour with a tablespoon of cornstarch instead.  I can't see that it made any difference.  Also, the second time I did not sift the flour mixture onto wax paper but instead mixed them in a bowl with a whisk.  This also seemed to be fine.  The only change I would make to the recipe is to increase the amount of whip cream frosting that you make.  The first time I did not have enough frosting to pipe rosettes on the top.

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